Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hardwood vs. Lino

The lino in my house has several nicks in it. The pattern has little indentations that trap dirt and the only way to really clean it is with a brush on my hands and knees. I want to rip it out and replace it with hardwood. The cost would be a couple of thousand dollars. (This seems to be the trend these days) Afterall, the house is 13 years old and it's time for a new look, right? The practical side of me says, I could walk on this lino till the house falls down and it would still be OK.
Speaking of renovating.....
We have been discussing the upgrading of our church building with new office space, relocating the reception area for security reasons, moving the library, expanding the foyer, etc.

Of course there are various viewpoints on the subject.

When I read Exodus 25....instructions from God as to what should be used to construct the tabernacle, and I Kings 6-7 details of Solomon's temple, I wonder why the incredible cost, show & pomp.
There were tapestries, linens, onyx gems, imported cedar and acacia wood, gold overlays, bronze, silver, massive pillars, all fashioned by the finest of craftsmen. Unbelievable!
My wildest decorating imagination cannot envision, rationalize or warrant this kind of affluence. I'm sure there were needy widows, orphans, and poor people living nearby. So why such extravagance? Could it be that God deserved the very best?

Now, I certainly would not advocate this kind of over-the-top, lavish spending on our church building, yet we upgrade, change and maintain our homes with the latest decor to suit our whims or needs, but somehow consider it unnecessary in our (almost 30 year old) church facility.
Could we call this a double standard?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In the Still of the Night

It is 3:40 a.m. and my mind is on "rewind" over past events & racing with a list of things that I should do in the coming day, or should have done yesterday. Frustrating!

I have learned that the best antidote for this malady is to relax and take this time to allow God to speak to me in his still small voice....and read, worship and pray.
He reminds me of friends who need my prayers this very minute. So I lift up one who is crying out to God with constant pain, one who is wondering where God is, one who feels the loneliness after the death of his dearest, one who needs a job, one who is discouraged, one who is hoping for restored family relationships, one who needs discipline in studying, one who needs healing from past hurts, one who needs to come to faith in Christ, and one who is looking for that special man.

My spirit is calmed and I rest & sleep.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Hate Halloween

I am so glad it is past again for another year. Several weeks before October 31st, I walked into my grocery store and was disgusted by this hideous figure of a life-sized man (marked down from $149.00 to $99.00) with an ashen-grey face, ugly teeth, in a long black cloak, leering at me with his vacant, sunken, evil eyes. Most stores were filled with all kinds of grotesque masks, axes, witches, devils, monster costumes, tombstones and countless other morbid items.
People were decorating their houses and front yards with a lot more than a few jack-o-lanterns. I had to drive by a house on my street that had several life-sized bodies hanging from the trees leading to the front door. Since I have gone through the agony of suicide in my family, believe me, that is not funny or appropriate. And this is supposed to be an event for children? There aught to be a law! Fireworks have been banned because of danger, and yet we are promoting something that is far worse..trivializing death, macabre activities and fear.

Halloween reeks of evil, dwells on death and yet it is the fastest growing holiday in North America. And people wonder why violence and killing is on the increase!

As Christians, we should have no part in this holiday and do our best to find wholesome alternatives for our children. God Help Us!