Sunday, January 17, 2010

About Dancing

I watched an elderly, smiling couple waltzing across the ballroom floor...a perfect romantic picture of sychronized movement and rhythm.

Since my husband and I grew up in an environment where dancing was considered evil, forbidden and frowned upon, we never learned how.
Yes, we have tried, but our stilted, awkward movements usually result in a comedy act rather than an activity of grace and enjoyment.

One night we were dining with friends at a fancy restaurant. We were enjoying the live entertainment of a trio and band. They offered to do special requests for the guests. Since this was our 40th anniversary, I asked them to please sing, "The Rose", one of my husbands favorites.

After a few songs, the singer spoke into the speaker, "And now we'd like to do a special request for John & Esther, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary, and we ask them to take the dance floor at this time."
Well, my husband gave me this shocked, "no way" look. But they were waiting for us, so I said, "We have to do it." I dragged him onto the floor, and said,"Just follow me, wiggle your hips and smile."

I laughed through the whole song as they sang all the verses and repeated the chorus. John was not enjoying this experience at all. He kept saying, "I never knew this song was so long." I got a fit of giggles and laughed through the whole thing. I guess it looked like we were having fun because later in the evening, a gentleman even came to our table and said, "Why don't you dance again. I really enjoyed watching you." Too funny.

When dancing with a partner, it works best if one person knows where he/she is going and is allowed to lead and the other follows.

A few days ago I got this interesting article from a friend, called "Dancing with God".
It focused on the word Guidance which contains the word dance. The first letter G reminds us of God, followed by "u" and "i".
God, you and I dance. God, you and I dance. (interesting observation)
These thoughts came to mind. If I just allow God to lead, the dance can be beautiful because he knows the steps.
Some days our dancing is very awkward because I want to lead, sometimes it is slow and quiet because I am sad or tired. Other days the dance is happy, light and free.... some days He just carries me.
Reminds me of the beautiful song, "Lord of the Dance", but we'll leave that one for another time.