Friday, August 22, 2008


Thank you God for the summertime. Thank you for good family camping interaction with the energy of youth and the laughter of children. Thank you for family reunions.
Thank you for the mix of sunny & rainy weather. Thank you for books written by inspiring writers, who opened my mind and imagination to new (aha) thoughts and transported me temporarily into another world. Thank you for reminding me of your never-ending forgiveness and love while reading "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. Thank you for special moments of meditation in your holy word. Thank you for the chance to worship in that tiny little country church at Grindrod. Thank you for reminding me to trust you more during scary moments, (which I'd rather not repeat, please). Thank you for breath-taking scenery of lakes, mountains, flora & fauna. I stand in awe of your greatness. Thank you for protection on the busy highways. I am so blessed and I thank you, thank you, Lord. Amen.

Friday, August 8, 2008

How is your "Weltanschauung"?

This German word, "Weltanschauung" (pronounced..Velt-an-show-unk) means a persons world view or outlook on life. We can choose to look at daily happenings from a positive or negative perspective.
We have b
een blessed with a daughter who sees the positive view point in almost every situation. Back in her teen years, she would come home from a party or a school function or youth meeting, and give me an animated rerun of the event, the fun things they had shared. Then when I spoke to other parents about the same events later, I would often hear negative comments and impressions. I remember thinking, "Are we speaking about the same thing?"
She is still that way, even though her life has not been an easy street.

Our attitude toward life determines the quality thereof, affecting our relationships, friendships, health, etc. etc. It is seen in how we work together with people, how we respond to authority, how we treat the property of others, how we respond to disappointments or setbacks , and I could go on and on.
Years ago I heard Lucy Swindoll speak. She stressed,"Experience the moment, enjoy the good, learn from the bad, because it will never happen exactly like this again. Look for the humor in situations. This is life, not a rehearsal for the real thing."
I am often amazed, blessed and encouraged by friends who have a positive, caring attitude even in the midst of their own pain and hardships.

I tend to see the negative side of things too often, but I am trying to remember what my daughter says...."Is your cup half empty, or is it half full!" It all depends on your "Weltanschauung".