Monday, February 12, 2007

What's in a Name

When you think about it, naming a child is an onerous thing. He/she will be stuck or labeled with it for life, unless, of course, they hate it so much and have it legally changed. Ann Landers once wrote in her column that people assume characteristics or even looks, to suit their name. She wrote, "People with a name like Esther are sort of cow-like...." whatever that means. I have never cared much for her opinions after that unflattering comment. We usually like or dislike a name because it reminds us of someone who is either a wonderful person or a first class jerk, so this often determines what we name our children.
Let me tell you about one of the neatest memories I shared with my Dad. I was about 10 years of age when he took me (just me) to see a drama of the biblical story of Esther, performed by the local high school. I was mesmorized by the lighting, the glamour of the gowns, and the superb acting as the story came to life on stage. The plot included everything... suspense, a fashion show, a beauty contest, a pompous ruthless villain, palace royalty, anti-Semitism, the battle between good and evil, and a happily everafter ending.(Spielberg couldn't do better)
When I consider the qualities that Queen Esther portrayed, I would like to be like her. Smart, tactful, patient, courageous, godly and of course dropdead-gorgeous. I was not blessed with the last attribute, but I hope I'm still growing in the others.

Speaking of names, recently I was doing flowers for the wedding party. Here are some of the name labels I put on the boutonnieres....Samuel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, John, Israel, Matthew, Andrew, Stephen & David. How's that for a biblical family tree?
When people hear our name, I wonder what attributes come to mind?