Monday, March 19, 2007

Rain,Rain, Rain

The other day I was complaining about the continual rain, rain, rain, rain. I am so tired of it and my little 3 year-old granddaughter said, "But Grammie, the ducks just love it."
Driving around our area, we see swollen rivers and lakes in places where they shouldn't be, causing havoc in many low lying areas. My sympathies to those who are experiencing tremendous hardship, damage and distress due to flooding.
But there is a field near by, covered in water, attracting hundreds of various fowl species. They are happily having a huge,wonderful party, this menagerie of seagulls, geese & ducks. When I hear the frogs they remind me of a giant choir practice, each one trying to out-croak the other, hoarse and off-key. They're lovin' it.
Now Noah comes to mind. Just imagine having to stay inside your house for forty days and forty nights, hearing nothing but continual heavy rainfall on the roof and you couldn't get out.
It's not so bad, so let's stop our whining. This too will pass.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Shopping Makes Me Sad

Many women love to go shopping., I don't. As I wander through a shopping mall, it makes me sad to see store after store filled with so much merchandise that we really don't need. Think about many brands, models, colors there are of toothpaste, shampoo, diapers, socks, yogurt, microwaves, compact cars, Tshirts, toys,etc,etc. The selection is so vast, that we have this compulsion & stress to find exactly the right thing at the best possible price and will drive miles to get it.
I am also sad when I see another Mega Box-store building going up. As I look at them, I see many dreams shattered again because small family businesses are forced into bankruptcy because they can't compete .
Years ago, I worked in the only flower shop in town. When people wanted to send flowers, they automatically called our shop. Trends changed when others, such as gas stations, grocers, large chain stores and it seemed like everybody and anybody, began to sell flowers too. My boss, Cathy, became so discouraged & depressed as she saw her dreams and investment slipping away, that she just closed the doors one day and left everything.

In many countries the baker still sells bread, the butcher still sells meat, the farmer still sells his produce, the tailor still sews the clothes. People still know each other by name and there is a sense of community and friendship. I don't experience this at Costco. (Yes, I confess, I shop there too.)
My greatgrandfather stood in line for hours to buy a loaf of bread, only to be told to go home because the shelves were empty.
There's a serious virus going around, even in our churches. It's called "affluenza". We have too much, but still want more and that makes me sad.