Saturday, March 20, 2010

Living in the Ark

Now I am into Genesis...where it all began. Chapter six - The Story of Noah.
Many expeditions have been made to prove or disprove the existence of the great flood. To the skeptics, it is a fairy tale, a joke, a silly impossible story.
It's so unbelievably unreal, that it is natural to doubt its' validity.

I choose to accept the biblical account as true. But I can't help but ponder.....hmm.

How did the animals know when to start walking, flying or slithering towards the ark?
Was Noah's wife a good mother-in-law?
How many pairs of species came on board?
What did the family eat? How did they cook?
Where and how did they dispose of sewage and waste?
Where did they go for peace & quiet?
Did they rest on the Sabbath?
Was Noah's family in full agreement with the plan?
Where did they store all the food for the animals?
Did they get seasick?
Where or how did they get water to wash or drink?
How many clothes did they pack?
Did animals try to eat each other?
What was the temperature in the Ark?
What did they use for lighting?
How could they keep their sanity, confined for 150 days till land was dry
enough to disembark?
Did they ever doubt God?

I imagine and I wonder.