Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Patience of Job.

I just don't know about the statement, "He's got the patience of Job."

As I read through this LONG book, I found that Job got frustrated and lost his patience with his pompous, all-knowing friends, and challenged, yes, even shouted at God for the horrible onslaught of tragedy, humiliation and physical pain bombarding him from every side. He did not know THE WHY and about the Chapter 1 conversation between God and Satan. God said, "I dare you, and you'll see how true Job will remain." Satan threw everything he could at Job outside of killing him, however his faith remained firm, believing that in the end God was just and would not totally forsake him..... but patient, not really.

When accosted by bad things, Job's response was the same as mine often is, "What have I done to deserve this?" But, what an amazing example he is of courage, honesty and steadfastness. REAL!

God is just and holy and always has our ultimate good in mind, but sometimes that is hard to see and believe when it feels like we are mired in the mud and pain.

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