Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Again

When I was a child, it seemed that Christmas just wouldn't come fast enough, but from my senior's perspective now, it comes way too quickly. But I still love it.

Some of My Favorite Things of this Season are...........

The wealth of wonderful music that fills all of December
Holiday lights on every street that brighten up the dark, rainy, wet nights
Grandchildren's Christmas concerts
Tree ornaments that hold a special memory
Connecting with friends & family from far and near
Children's anticipation
Parties and good food
Helping needy here and in other countries
Sharing time with someone who does not have family nearby
Cards & Letters that let me know that they thought about me
Family gatherings

We enjoy all these things in memory of Jesus birth. Wow! He left Heaven, with all it's beauty and glory, to come to this crazy world, in the form of the most vulnerable thing... a human baby.
To die for me. Once again, I am in awe of this reality, humbled and so thankful. Hallelujah!

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